Workshop materials

Day 1

Workshop overview

Intro to JupyterLab

Review geospatial concepts and terms

🥪 Break: 60 minutes

Data formats and data inspection

End of day wrap-up (5 minutes)

Day 2

Intro to GitHub

Review Open Science (and data) principles

🥪 Break: 60 minutes

Workshop discussion: FAIR/CARE

Discussion (10 minutes)

Fixing common data/metadata issues

End of day wrap-up (5 minutes)

Day 3

Day 3 overview

Geospatial data transformations and data cross-compatibility

🥪 Break: 60 minutes

Symbolizing geospatial data in QGIS

End of day wrap-up (5 minutes)

Day 4

Office hours

You are welcome to join us on Zoom for open-ended discussion and support:

  • Git & GitHub for beginners and beyond
  • Continued dataset analysis
  • Publishing derived data
  • Questions & continued discussion
  • Planned modules if we run low on time:
    • QGIS symbology