Working with a GitHub repository


We request that everyone use the GitHub browser interface. If you choose not to, be prepared to support your group if issues like merge conflicts arise. See this page for details on using Git in CryoCloud.

We have pre-created GitHub repositories for each group. The URL for your group’s repository will be{your-group-number-spelled-out}, e.g. You can find all repositories here.

Everyone in your group should have access to write to and administrate your repository. If you have any issues with permissions, please contact an organizer!

📂 Add some content to your team repository

Pick a person in your group to “drive” a screen share (please review group roles here!). We suggest picking someone who has never used GitHub before, or who has never created a repository.

  • Add a file:
    • List your group members by name.
    • Identify the dataset your group has chosen to explore.
    • Add your notes describing your dataset from the Select a dataset exercise.
  • Add the notebook your group produced during the Data Inspection exercise to your repository.
  • Turn on GitHub Discussions for your group repository. Use this space for asynchronous discussions within your group during (or after!) the workshop.

✨ Create your personal profile repository

If you have time after completing the group-work component of this exercise, work as individuals to create your own personal profile repositories.

Follow GitHub’s instructions to create a profile repository with a profile README.

You may want to use your introductory post to GitHub Discussions to inspire the contents of this README.

When you are done, you should be able to navigate to<your-username> and see your new content displayed!

⏱️ Finished early?

🇿 Enhance your team’s repository

  • If you have extra time, enable Zenodo for archiving and generating DOIs for your repository!
  • If you still have more time, set up a citation file for your repository, listing all members of your group.

📚 Explore additional learning resources

Check out our continued learning resources!