The QGreenland Researcher Workshop 2023 concluded on May 25, 2023. This website and workshop materials will remain available as an educational resource.

🙇 Thank you to all participants for making this workshop a resounding success!

These workshop materials are free to re-use under the MIT license!

In order to successfully complete the workshop and receive the $250 stipend, participants must complete the following list of prerequisites in advance of the workshop:


All times referred to in workshop materials are in Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6:00).

Due: April 28, 2023

📋 Post-selection survey

Participants who have been notified of acceptance to the workshop will need to complete the post-selection survey.

Before taking the survey, please complete the following actions. You will be asked questions related to each of these items in the survey:

  • 🕘 Please ensure that you can attend all three days of the workshop and actively participate in group activities: May 23-25, 2023 from 9:00-13:00 Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6:00)
  • 🧠 Know what to expect
  • 🐙 Register for GitHub if you do not already have an account.
  • 📏 Review our Code of Conduct

Once you have done the above, complete the Post-selection survey.

Due: May 16, 2023

❄️ CryoCloud account


Requires a GitHub account first!

Signing up for CryoCloud will trigger an approval process. This requires an organizer to add your GitHub user to CryoCloud. Please complete this step before any of the following prerequisites!

Follow the CryoCloud Getting Started guide to request an account. The following steps are critical to workshop participation:


For the “Award Number” question in the survey, answer with any award number(s) your research is currently supported by. If you have none, answer with “QGreenland workshop participant”.

  • E-mail to request account activation (provide your GitHub username).
    • You will shortly receive an invite (by e-mail from GitHub) to the CryoCloud GitHub organization and CryoCloudUsers team. Please accept this within 7 days, or it will expire!
  • Test that you can log in with your GitHub credentials.
  • Join the CryoCloud Slack. We will be using this for interactive chat.

In addition to these critical steps, we recommend viewing the training recording and we’d appreciate if you fill out the onboarding survey and anonymous feedback form!

🐙 Post an introduction to GitHub Discussions

Please post an introduction on GitHub Discussions.

For ideas, here are some example posts:

See all introductions from participants here.

💾 Select a dataset of interest

🇬🇱 QGreenland

🤑 Fill out stipend compensation forms

You will receive an email with a link to financial forms that must be filled out via DocuSign in order to receive the $250 stipend. Please keep an eye on your inbox!