Dataset selection guidelines

When selecting a dataset for this workshop, please consider the following guidelines. It is OK if you can not tick all these boxes.


Please keep in mind that while we are interested in suggestions, inclusion in QGreenland is not guaranteed for your selected dataset!


In order of importance, we are looking for datasets that are:


Data that could be visualized on a globe. Preferably 2D data, as we don’t plan to get in to point-clouds (e.g. a DEM is OK because it’s geolocated in 2 dimensions, even though it measures height).


The data should be relevant to Greenland.


Data you are excited about!


Data that has some usability problems. It is OK if you can not load it in QGIS.


Data that is not already present in QGreenland.

Manageable in size

While we will be using cloud processing tools, we are not going to explore techniques for working with “big data” in this workshop. Please try to choose a dataset <5 GB in size.

Having trouble choosing?

If you are struggling to pick a dataset, consider choosing one from an established data repository such as the Arctic Data Center’s QGreenland data portal or the National Snow and Ice Data Center. If you are still struggling to choose a dataset, select one from this list.