Data compatibility introductions

💬 Introduce your dataset to another team

You will be paired with another team in a breakout room. Take turns introducing your dataset to the other team.


If you are still struggling to use your team’s chosen dataset in QGIS, consider using one of the example datasets.

When introducing your dataset, make sure to mention/show:

  • Coordinate Reference System
  • Raster or vector?
  • What is being measured and what are the units?
  • What challenges did you have to overcome to make this data usable? For example, did you need to edit the dataset’s metadata? Change it’s file format?
  • Where does the data reside on disk? Show the other team where you put your data in the shared-public/QGreenland-Researcher-Workshop/ directory.
    • If you have modified versions of your data from one of the other exercises (e.g., Fixing an issue with data/metadata), let the other team know which one is the “most ready” for them to use. For example, if your dataset lacked a CRS and you added one, provide the data with the added CRS to the other team!
  • Show the other team how to open your data in QGIS.

Please reference or demonstrate the exploratory notebook you created in the Data inspection with JupyterLab exercise and any changes to the data/metadata you made in the Fix data/metadata issues exercise when introducing your dataset.

Take notes about the other team’s dataset; you will need them soon!

🗃️ Add your notes to your team’s GitHub repository

Later on, you will use these notes to create a new Notebook.