Fixing an issue with data/metadata (30 minutes)

⚙️ Get set up

Pick someone to “drive” with a screen share. Please rotate this responsibility!

❤️‍🩹 Resolve any data/metadata issues with your group’s dataset

Review the information you gathered in the Data inspection with JupyterLab exercise. Develop a Jupyter Notebook to fix any issues that you discovered.


  • Can the data be opened and viewed in QGIS?
  • Is the CRS information correct?
  • Is the data in an open and interoperable format?
  • Is there a NoData value that needs to be encoded in the metadata?

If your chosen dataset has no issues to resolve, see the Finished early? section below.

🗃️ Add the notebook to GitHub

Using the GitHub interface, add this notebook to your team’s repository. Give it a useful name!

⏱️ Finished early?

Please select one of the following data scenarios and develop a Jupyter Notebook to resolve the scenario.