Workshop overview

QGreenland Researcher Workshop 2023

Workshop Organizers

Matt Fisher1,2 - Software Developer

Trey Stafford1,2 - Software Developer

Alyse Thurber2 - Education and Outreach

1: National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC)

2: Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences (CIRES)

Workshop goals

  • ⚙️ Build a shared familiarity with standard/open tools, formats, and practices.
  • 🤝 Create a more collaborative/open work environment for researchers.
  • 🌐 Learn to prepare datasets for use in the QGreenland QGIS data environment.


GitHub Discussions

Use GitHub discussions for all non-real-time communication.

GitHub Discussions link in nav bar

  • Introductions & dataset ideas
  • Reporting discussion outcomes or lessons learned from exercises
  • Non-urgent help requests
  • Show & tell


Use the CryoCloud Slack for all real-time communication.

Join #qgreenland channel one of these ways:

  • Run /join #qgreenland command in the message input field
  • Click “Add channels” in the sidebar.

If Slack is new to you, check out the quick start guide!

Slack threads

Use threads liberally!

Slack threads


  • Please try to use Slack instead of Zoom chat.
    • If you have a question during a presentation, please post on Slack.
  • Please mute when you are not speaking to minimize background noise.
  • If you feel comfortable doing so, please turn your cameras on!
  • We will use breakout rooms for group exercises / discussions.

Zoom: recording


We will be recording presentations by the organizers via zoom. We do not plan to redistribute any recordings featuring the names or images of participants.

Code of Conduct

  • Be excellent to each other
  • Actively work to hear all voices and perspectives
  • Be generous and collaborative

Contact any workshop organizer directly in Slack to report any concerns.

View the full Code of Conduct

Group work expectations

  • Be conscious of power dynamics
  • Treat everyone as a peer
  • Expect to teach and learn from your team members
  • Ask how to pronounce names if you’re not sure

Participation in group work is required for receiving your stipend! If you feel like your group is having a participation issue, please contact an organizer.

Workshop structure: Days 1-3

All times in Mountain Daylight Time (UTC-6:00)!

  • 🔎 Modules covering specific topics.
    • 🖥️ Slideshow presentation by the organizers
    • 💪 Exercises
    • 💬 Discussions
  • 🪁 60 minute break each day at 11:00 MDT.
  • 🎁 5-minute end-of-day wrap-up (12:55-13:00 MDT).

See the workshop schedule for a complete overview.

Workshop structure: Day 4

Office hours

Organizers will be available on Zoom during the usual workshop hours (9:00-13:00 MDT) to support continued learning. Read more!

We strongly encourage participants to attend office hours, but it is not required!

Day 1 overview

Workshop schedule