Intro to JupyterLab

QGreenland Researcher Workshop 2023


We are going to demo a number of features around the use of JupyterLab in the following slides. Please plan to watch as we explain various features before trying them yourself in an exercise after the presentation.

What is JupyterLab?

👪 JupyterLab is a human-friendly interface to computation resources.

💻 You can do almost anything you can do on your personal computer!

JupyterLab logo


CryoCloud: your personal JupyterLab in the cloud

Cryocloud logo


Log in to CryoCloud JupyterHub with your GitHub username

  • Important: select a 4GB server option
  • Your JupyterLab workspace is dedicated, not shared!

Jupyterhub server selection

JupyterLab features


JupyterLab - memory/RAM usage

JupyterLab left side panel

File Browser

  • Drag & drop from your desktop
  • Open many types of files and get a useful display
    • CSV will display as table
    • GeoJSON will display on a map
    • Images will open with an image viewer

JupyterLab file browser

Running terminals and kernels

  • Lists currently running Terminals and Kernels.

  • If one of these apps gets ‘stuck’, you may need to shut it down and try again

  • If you accidentally close a terminal or notebook tab, you can re-access it by clicking on its entry here.

JupyterLab Running Terminals and Kernels

JupyterLab Launcher


  • conda install <package>
  • mamba install <package>
  • Common GDAL/OGR utilities: gdalinfo, ogrinfo, etc.

JupyterLab terminal




On first launch, select “Use default config”

Use default config

Desktop: file browser

The “Home” icon on the desktop shows the same files as JupyterLab File Browser.

Desktop file browser

Desktop: QGIS and QGreenland

Can open QGreenland!

Desktop with QGIS and QGreenland

Desktop: logging out


Do not use “Logout” from the desktop environment!

To close the desktop, please close the window/tab that the desktop environment is open in.

Jupyter Notebooks

  • A tool for Literate Programming
    • Showing your work
    • Tracking provenance
    • Telling a story
  • See also:
    • Quarto
    • JupyterBook

Jupyter Notebook

Shut down your server!


At the end of each day, click File > Hub Control Panel and then click Stop My Server

Control Panel

Stop My Server


💪 Getting started with JupyterLab