Getting started with JupyterLab


This is an individual exercise. Remaining exercises will be done as a team.

Explore JupyterLab features.

⚙️ Get set up

  • Log in to the CryoCloud JupyterHub with your GitHub username
  • Select the Python Image with a 4GB node share

Jupyterhub server selection
  • Run the sync script to setup your working environment for the workshop. Open a Terminal in JupyterLab and run the following:


    Run the script

Explore JupyterLab

Complete the following tasks. While doing so, take time to explore and become familiar with the JupyterLab interface.

🗺️ Open QGreenland with QGIS in JupyterLab

  • Open a new tab in the JupyterLab GUI.

  • Select “Desktop”.

  • On first launch, select “Use default config”:

    Use default config
  • Open QGIS from the desktop icon.

  • Open QGreenland from /home/jovyan/qgis-data/QGreenland_v3.0.0alpha2/.

  • Explore QGreenland layers and turn on some layers.


Consider saving your own version of the project file (e.g., /home/jovyan/qgis-data/QGreenland_v3.0.0alpha2/qgreenland_personal.qgs) so that you can make and save changes to e.g., layer order and symbology without overwriting the original project file.

🧪 Try out a Notebook

  • Run the example notebook from the Intro to JupyterLab slides.
    • Open the demo.ipynb notebook from your CryoCloud home directory (/home/jovyan/demo.ipynb) by double-clicking on it in the JupyterLab File Browser.

    • Click “Run -> Run all cells”

    • When complete, you should see a map with QGreenland highlighted in red.

  • Change the color of the Greenland shape in the last cell of the notebook and re-render.
  • Try changing other map parameters in the last cell of the notebook. Can you change the map’s projection?