Review of Open Science and Data Principles

QGreenland Researcher Workshop 2023

Open Science is here this year, get used to it!

2023 is the Federal Year of Open Science

Initiatives and participating organizations:

  • NSF
  • USGS
  • National Endowment for the Humanities
  • …and more!

Important data principles: FAIR

  • Findable
    • “Metadata and data should be easy to find for both humans and computers.”
  • Accessible
    • Metadata and data should be easy to acquire for both humans and computers.
  • Interoperable
    • Data should be easy to integrate with other data and software.
  • Reusable

FAIR: DataOne

Datasets registered with DataOne include a Metadata Assessment Report that rates the dataset on FAIR compliance.

DataOne FAIR assessment

Important data principles: CARE

  • Collective Benefit
    • Data and the systems around them should strive to benefit Indigenous communities.
  • Authority to Control
    • Indigenous Peoples should have the right to govern their data and representations of their communities in data. Data collection efforts should include the participation of Indigenous communities.
  • Responsibility
    • Users of Indigenous data have the responsibility to share data in a way that supports Indigenous Peoples and culture.
  • Ethics
    • The rights and wellbeing of Indigenous Peoples should be the priority through all aspects of the data life-cycle.

Communication is key

If you are actively engaged in research in the Arctic, make yourself familiar with recommended communication channels and programs for interfacing with local communities.

  • Issaffik Arctic Gateway: user driven web platform supporting Arctic research and collaboration.
  • Arctic Hub: a space where researchers can connect, institutions can collaborate, and citizens can engage in Greenlandic research.
  • Navigating the New Arctic Community Office: building awareness, partnerships, opportunities, and resources for collaboration and equitable knowledge generation within, between, and beyond the research projects funded by the [NSF] NNA Initiative.

Other data principles